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Every day, we all venture into small worlds of our own—our homes, offices, and local businesses are integral to who we are and how we live. Antar is an architectural studio founded by María Eugenia and Vicente in Quito, Ecuador.

Here, methodology, science, and design converge to provide effective and delightful solutions to their clients. In a society where everything is done in a hurry and under time pressure, Maru and Pichi take the time to listen to you, understand your problems, and offer personalized and effective solutions.

Their goal is to make you feel secure and comfortable in your home, productive and joyful in your office, and warmly welcomed in your commercial space. We are unique beings, and we seek unique spaces. Living is one thing, but living well is something else entirely.

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Why they did a rebrand

Once upon a time, Antar went by the name "Sinergia," and they felt that the name truly embodied who they were. They always strived to conduct their work and build relationships with clients and suppliers in a productive and friendly environment, where the combined efforts would yield results beyond expectations.

Unfortunately, the brand name was already registered under someone else's intellectual property, and continuing to use it would have caused more headaches than they were willing to endure. Although they loved the name, they never quite connected with their logo. That's why they decided to embark on a complete rebranding journey. Their goal was to find a new name and image that would truly reflect their identity while preserving the essence of the previous name.

They aimed to carve out their position in the market without severing ties with their existing clients. With enthusiasm and strategic planning, Antar set out to reinvent themselves, ready to unveil a brand-new identity that would capture their essence and leave a lasting impression on both old and new connections.

Brand Strategy

Antar's dynamic duo is never working alone hence the original name of "Sinergia". Their work relies on several parties involved in their process. The customer, collaborators, stakeholders, and providers are only a small part of the big list of people that touch the brand and its result. Antar believes in spaces being adapted to the individual and not the other way around. To do so, the Antar team has developed a unique method to identify their client needs and solve spatial problems. So they're not just a design-architecture studio, they're solving spatial problems so you can live in your space, not just be on it.

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Verbal Identity

Creativity and inspiration always come from the places you least expect of. And that's not the exception for Antar Studio. The brand needed a catchy, easy-to-pronounce name that shared its beliefs while differentiating the studio from its competitors. It is born based on nature's architects and team players. Ants. Small tireless workers use their surroundings to build entire functional spaces. And as Antar's team does, they don't work alone. Their collaboration is vital to complete their goal. A single ant may lift a leaf but won't build the entire anthill.

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Every aspect of Antar's logo holds strategic significance. The interconnecting spheres represent the harmony of their work processes, symbolizing the perfect balance between good design, streamlined workflows, and building strong client relationships.

Through thoughtful deliberation and meticulous planning, we harnessed the power of visual identity to convey our commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized solutions.

Let us redefine your perception of architectural aesthetics, where strategy meets creativity.

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Visual Language

The graphic system was designed to represent the two founders plus their constant collaboration with stakeholders. A brand with geometric origins to identify Vicente and his passion for numbers, engineering, and construction methodology. A brand with creative freedom and vibrant colors to represent Maru and her love for design, aesthetics, and expressiveness.

The new brand preserves the essence of Synergy. Each internal sphere represents one of the parties involved in every work process of the company. Good design, good process, and a strong client relationship.

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Brand Support

Antar's visual language is a blend of elegance, innovation, and artistic expression that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression. With a strategic focus on conveying our core values and unique identity, Antar's visual language sets them apart in the architectural realm.

Drawing inspiration from geometric forms, the design exude a sense of precision, structure, and meticulous attention to detail. Clean lines and balanced compositions create a harmonious visual experience, reflecting our commitment to excellence and expertise.

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One thing is to live, another to live well.

María Eugenia and Vicente, Founders of Antar



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